happy december!

Posted on | 01 December 2009 | No Comments

can you believe we're already at the last month of 2009?! i know we always say the years fly past, but this one really did. i feel like new year's was yesterday. i'm looking forward to a rounding out the year with a few festivities this month. what are your plans for december?

p.s. i reached 500 posts as of yesterday - how exciting!

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- whipping up a batch (or two) of sprinkles pumpkin cupcakes
- going to see how the grinch stole christmas at the pantages
- ice skating at the W with cocktails
- a weekend in scottsdale for some r&r
- cooking all the thanksgiving recipes from bon appetit for christmas dinner
- walking through the venice canals to see the christmas lights
- crocheting a couple scarfs
- incorporating these guys into my wardrobe