winter coats

Posted on | 13 October 2009 | 3 Comments

some people have a penchant for shoes or jewelery, but i think it's safe to say that when it comes to fashion, i'm all about coats. even in the heat of the summer, i'll find myself oogling over a wool parka. so now that the weather has finally taken a dip, i've been eyeing some alternative outerwear.

{images 01, 02, via forever 21 & 03, 04, 05 via urban outfitters}


3 Responses to “winter coats”

  1. JRDMdesigns
    10/13/09, 2:01 PM

    ehehheh i def love shoes and accessories =p
    but i want to find a cute winter coat.. love the options!
    miss you

  2. rc9322
    10/14/09, 7:58 AM

    I've had the same thoughts this week. My outerwear needs an overhaul.

  3. Anonymous
    10/20/09, 10:25 PM

    i'll take 02 and 05, please. uh-hem... sugar daddy? are you listening?