style spotlight: miroslava duma

Posted on | 26 October 2009 | 5 Comments

this is really more of an ode than a spotlight. i am at a loss for words when it comes to duma's style. she is hands-down the most unique, daring and fabulously put together woman i've come across in my years of perusing street style blogs. i've always been a fan of her looks, but never knew much about her. in an attempt to find out, i came across a plethora of ensembles that made my mind burst with inspiration and simultaneously want to toss everything i own and start anew. so while you may be wondering, "why so many photos?", the truth is - this was a difficult edit. so enjoy miroslava in all her fashionista glory.

{images via purseblog, taistoisoisbeau, wellthatsjustme, yvetteyeau, citizencouture, and style}


5 Responses to “style spotlight: miroslava duma”

  1. Nikki
    10/27/09, 9:10 AM

    She looks like you! On the photo with the red backdrop.

  2. destined to design
    10/27/09, 9:30 AM

    ha! you're crazy, but i'm flattered.

  3. tanvi @ now craving
    10/27/09, 1:27 PM

    Oooh I seriously covet & aspire to her awesome style!! That orange dress is a stunner!

  4. Richie Designs
    11/2/09, 9:53 AM

    wow. I don't know if I even own that many separates.
    very impressive. I've seen her on Sart's page. what does she do again? I'm sure she's an editor just not sure for whom.

  5. destined to design
    11/2/09, 10:08 AM

    yeah, former fashion editor for russian harper's bazaar. now i think she just contributes to various fashion publications. her closet must be the size of a small mansion.