little next door

Posted on | 25 October 2009 | 3 Comments

a lovely friend and fellow foodie recently urged me to try out little next door in west hollywood, so i made a mental note and considered it an "i'll get there eventually" place. that was until i stumbled across their website through a tasting table e-mail this past weekend and was blown away by their farm fresh spread. let's just say it's been bumped up to an "i have to get here immediately" place. reports to follow.

{images via little next door}


3 Responses to “little next door”

  1. JRDMdesigns
    10/27/09, 12:12 AM

    Please take me to these places next time im in La La Land =) <3

  2. destined to design
    10/27/09, 1:59 PM

    without a doubt! you just need to come down...ASAP!

  3. Anonymous
    6/21/10, 4:46 PM

    Have not tried The Little Next Door, but The Little Door is so romantic!