restaurant: bobo nyc

Posted on | 22 September 2009 | 3 Comments

i fell in love with the new york restaurant, bobo nyc, in an old issue of domino, along with the lovely ladies of de•kar design that beautified it. it's definitely going on the list of 'places to dine' during my trip.

{images via habitually chic}


3 Responses to “restaurant: bobo nyc”

  1. eggs
    9/24/09, 8:53 AM

    LOVE it! have you made your reservations yet...? ;)

  2. Monica from Hola!design
    9/24/09, 7:04 PM

    how elegant! I'm checking it out next time I go to the city!

  3. destined to design
    9/24/09, 8:23 PM

    ha, i SHOULD, shouldn't i? the place is probably booked 6 months in advance.

    and monica, you lucky lady, living in new york. i envy you. ;)