for the record: nicole of a little sussy

Posted on | 07 September 2009 | No Comments

the first in the 'for the record' series is nicole hill of a little sussy. her's is one of the first blogs i ever got hooked on (before i even knew what an rss feed was) and certainly one of my favorites. she is an amazing photographer, to say the least, and actually the reason i decided on my canon rebel xti to venture into the world of photography. i'm looking forward to her teaching some classes in los angeles soon. a BIG thanks to nicole for participating!

{image by via a little sussy}

01. favorite designer? diane von furstenberg
02. favorite restaurant? celeste in nyc
03. currently playing on your ipod? brooke fraser, gemma hayes and carla bruni have been played lots recently.
04. twenty-four hours to live: how would you spend your day? on a beach, then at a beach house throwing a dinner party.
05. favorite artist? right now, photographer roland bello.
06. what/who inspires you most? oil painters and other photographers.
07. what is your typical day like? wake up. e-mail. blog. e-mail. work on textbook. e-mail. book classes. take molly to the park. make dinner. e-mail.
08. favorite movie? romy and michele's high school reunion.
09. favorite place to travel? hawaii.. nothing beats that pace of life.
10. if you hadn't chosen your field, what alternative career would you be pursuing? graphic design or teaching.