good to be back

Posted on | 13 August 2009 | 2 Comments

so i'd like to say i've been off on some exotic vacation and that's why i haven't been blogging for the past week or so. however, that is not the case. i've been in the middle of a move, and even once that catastrophe was over, good ol' verizon withheld the internet from me for five days. i really felt a bit lost without it. there's something about a routine that's very comforting. and this past week and a half i've had no routine, and have thus felt incredibly out of wack.

so now that all is settled and this week is coming to an end, i'm hoping everything will fall back into place. my morning tea, early bedtime, making lists, blogging, tweeting, reading my rss feeds, my morning runs & saturday training, cooking dinner and packing lunch...i missed it! what are your routines?

{image of a perfect afternoon by linda via flickr}


2 Responses to “good to be back”

    8/14/09, 12:27 AM

    missed your entries!! i love the inspiration you share here...hope your new living situation is lovely. please come to the bay area, ju, joshie & i need a get together.

  2. Jess
    8/15/09, 10:34 AM

    aw thanks cecelia, that means so much! how's your new job going? one of these days (hopefully sooner than later), i've got to head north so we can rendezvous. hope all is well! :)