erin lauder in elle decor

Posted on | 03 July 2009 | 2 Comments

i don't know about you guys, but i pretty much tore out every page of this month's elle decor for my inspiration files. one of my favorite features was definitely erin lauder's manhattan apartment and the lauder's east hampton home. i particularly enjoy the mix of traditional elements and mid-century accents that make it current.

{images via styleandfocus}


2 Responses to “erin lauder in elle decor”

  1. JRDMdesigns
    7/5/09, 3:04 AM

    OK i just DIED!!!! omgggggg soooo beautiful :)
    i need to update my inspiration files asap!

  2. KT
    7/6/09, 9:35 AM

    Yes! I've seen her place before and I fell in love with it too! I love how she has a cheetah print sofa. It's such a bold print to have on a large piece of furniture but it doesn't really seem that outrageous in front of the orange wall.