maps of paris

Posted on | 08 June 2009 | 5 Comments

i've been searching for a map of paris to frame for my apartment for quite some time and have yet to find the right size/look. if you know any good sources, do let me know.

{images via flickr, unknown, thetravelpeach, & af}


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  1. JRDMdesigns
    6/10/09, 3:16 AM

    LOVE the idea! Reminds me of the art work you wanted to use for your loft remember??
    Well it depends the look that you are trying to go for.
    I love all of them... not so much the last one(honest talks). I loveeee the first and third one!!!!

  2. Jess
    6/10/09, 7:54 AM

    haha, i appreciate the honesty. ;) the second and third ones are my favorites -- i think i found a place to buy them (for $5)!

    very similar idea to the loft, you're right.

  3. Nini
    6/14/09, 12:06 AM

    Hello Jess,

    I just caught your blog on Black*Eiffel and wanted to let you know that I got for Christmas a very nice map of Paris that I framed...and you can actually buy it online. It's from the product line of Cavallini Papers and Co. In fact, it's wrapping paper but it can be used as a poster. There are different kinds of maps and other beautiful wrapping papers that would make for nice framed art!! Hope you like them.


  4. Jess
    6/14/09, 8:00 AM


    These are beautiful! Exactly the style I was looking for and such a great price!

    Thanks so much for the tip. :)

  5. Nini
    6/14/09, 9:32 PM

    No problem...I just saw this on

    alot more pricy but might be worth it...looks amazing!!